Free Jack-O-Lantern Patterns and Product Ideas

My most memorable moments of Halloween as a kid were carving jack-o-lanterns with my family.  The spooky faces, roasted pumpkin seeds, and the unfortunate mishaps of cutting the wrong part of the pumpkin always made it a fun family event. This year we'll help you create your own Halloween memories, by offering you free jack-o-lantern patterns and inspirational pumpkin carving products.


Free Pumpkin Patterns

Download these free PDF pumpkin patterns and follow our simple instructions to help you carve your next jack-o-lantern.

Spooky Graveyard

(click to download PDF)

Evil Vampire

(click to download PDF)

Happy Halloween Wolf

(click to download PDF)

The Witching Hour

(click to download PDF)


(click to download PDF)

Haunted House

(click to download PDF)

Carving Your Pumpkin

Required Tools:
  • Pumpkin Saw, Sharp Knife or Pumpkin Dremel
  • Pumpkin Transfer Tool or Sharp Pencil
  • Votive Pumpkin Candle

1) Prepare your pumpkin for carving by cutting out a hole in the top of the pumpkin and removing the guts and seeds. Be sure to cut the top at a slight inner angle, which will make it easier to put the cut-out back on as a lid later.

2) Print out the pattern you want to use. You can scale or enlarge the print in order to accommodate larger or smaller pumpkins – scaling options will vary depending on your computer, so check your help files for instructions.

3) Trim any excess paper around the pattern, and pin the pattern to your pumpkin.

4) Using a sharp pencil or a pumpkin transfer tool, trace the pattern onto your pumpkin by poking holes 1/8” apart through the paper where specified on the pattern. Be sure to only pierce the skin of the pumpkin and not go right through it.

5) Remove the paper pattern from the pumpkin. You should be able to clearly see the pattern through the small holes you created.

6) Using a pumpkin carving saw, your pumpkin dremel or a sharp knife, cut along the dotted lines on your pumpkin. Take your time carving, as you don't want to cut the wrong shape!

7) Remove the pumpkin pieces that you cut out, clean up any rough looking edges, and clean out the inside of the pumpkin.

8) Add a candle, put the top back on and step back. You've just created a spooktacular jack-o-lantern!

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